About Us

Church History

The church was founded in 1999 by Kar Lama Tamang who was born in 1965 in the village of Ree, Dhading where he grew up being trained in the Buddhist culture. About 1990 he accepted Christ and soon went to Kathmandu and entered training to become a pastor. The Lord placed it in his heart to move to Pokhara to proclaim the gospel where he began worshiping in a small rented room. The house church began to grow and in 2007 they purchased some land and continued to pray for a church building to house the congregation for worship services.

Finally in August 2012 the church had accumulated a little fund and began construction in faith with Pastor Kar and the church members donating most of the labor.

They were out of funds before the building was half finished. As the people prayed God moved on the heart of Dan Winters the founder of Jesus Saves Network Ministry who provided the needed funds for the completion of the house of God here in Pokhara Nepal.

We give all glory to God and we thank Dan Winters personally for contributing the necessary funds for the construction of the worship Center plus the Jesus Saves Network Ministry Center.

Below is a picture of our church with the JSN Ministry Center of Pokhara, Nepal located in two of the rooms with blue tin roof on the top of this building.



Through this ministry we are preaching to many unreached people in the mountains villages of Nepal.   JSN is taking Jesus film, brochures, and holding worship services in the many of the villages.


Lako Lama at the office of the Jesus Saves Network Ministry Center in Pokhara as provided by our founder in March 2013.

In most places in Nepal electricity is not available or not dependable therefore we use the Electric Generator to show the Jesus film to proclaim the gospel of Jesus in the remote villages of Nepal.

Picture of JSN generator used to provide electricity to the office daily during the hours of power failure. This generator also available to provide electricity for evangelism meetings in nearby villages. Additional generator is being requested by JSN missionary Endra for Ree and nearby unreached Mountains villages located in the Dhading district of the Himalayan Mountains.



Nepal is a small poor third world country with more than 29 million people who are 98% non-Christian. In the month of April 2013 Jesus Saves Network Ministry Center in Nepal competed the construction offices as a portion of the new church in Pokhara.

The JSN ministry is a ministry that spreads the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ offering hope for all the people  through salvation in Jesus Christ, converts and disciples new believers and mentors Christians on how to spread the gospel through social media and digital technology. It provides a library of resources for pastors and laity to enrich their walk with Christ. A global prayer community is here for followers to submit requests and pray for others. All promoted through social networking.  Also freely giving the tract about Jesus, Jesus Film, Biblical basic lessons for new converts and encouraging the Leaders from the word of God are the tools to serve the Lord in better way in these last days.

Truly the harvest field of Nepal is large and is really ripe. So, in order to reap the harvest of large field and to achieve our vision, we are following some mission strategies given below:

*  Every week “go to meeting and online Bible school”


JSN is here in Nepal to preach the gospel and produce spiritual children. When some one hears the gospel and receive Christ, we don’t just leave them. We want to go along and watch them grow. So, in order to do that, we have weekly live streaming classes through seasoned ministers from different countries. Through these classes, we are having house fellowship with new converts and believers. Not only that, we want them to be a student of the word. Since November 1, 2013 we have been proving “online Bible school”. We don’t want them to be just nominal Christian but want them to be full of word and want to build spiritual giants. Please join with us in this great even.

*   12 net leaders:

As Jesus He himself had team while He was doing the mission that father had sent for on the earth. Likewise JSN have team of 12 leaders to carry out the vision that God the Father had given. We 12 leaders are ministering in different places of Nepal and making known Jesus, savior of the world among different tribes, ages status of people in Nepal with different tools like tracts, door to door evangelism, open air program and Jesus Film etc. Through our team God has saved hundreds of people, baptized, joined in family of God and healed many people suffering from different kinds of sickness and diseases. This is just small beginning, we want to go beyond and win Nepal for Christ. Even though we have such a vision, we are challenging by Jerico wall and Goliat. So, we need universal Church body to go beyond and achieve this goal. Please be a part of this great movement in Nepal.

Jesus 12

To become a sponsor of this ministry, may it be suggested that you support Jesus Saves Network Ministry, Nepal on a regular monthly basis. Our site gives you the opportunity to contribute  www.jesus12.net the fund for those wonderful leaders who wants to serve God but they cannot do it alone so they need your help.

Be a part of something BIG—make an eternal difference today as you bring the message of hope through salvation in Jesus Christ, converts and disciples new believers and mentors Christians on how to spread the gospel of Jesus. You can be a partner with Jesus Saves Network Ministry.

Together, we can do far more than any of us could ever do alone! Together, we’ll make a difference.

JSN Ministry Center missionaries to the unreached villages in Nepal need to be equipped with tools for ministry including:

  1. Brochure of “Who is Jesus” in English and Nepali.
  2. Jesus Film and other Christian training films.
  3. Internet access to
    “Weekly Lessons” by Rev. Teri Winters and others in English and Nepali.
    www.faithlibrary.cc that publishes sermons and other resources for pastors and laity.
  4. Bibles for the new converts.
  5. Generator to provide electricity to show Jesus Film during evangelism services in the villages.