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16 years ago there was a Christan service in my village of Ree, Tawal, in the District of Dhading in the country of Nepal. I went there to observe that whether they speak against Buddhist or not (in those days I was exceedingly zealous of the Buddhist because since my forefathers they had been working as great leader of Buddhism. I was grown up and spent my childhood under the rituals of Buddhism being born in a Buddhist family). While they were having praise and worship at that very moment God spoke in my heart that what are you doing? (At that time some peoples were shouting and some peoples were laughing and they were speaking in different language. Now as I knew that they were speaking in tongue). I asked “who are you?” Jesus replied me “I am that Jesus whom you are hating.” I afraid extremely to hear such a voice in my heart. So, I went back in my house at that night. That very night I couldn’t sleep and that sound was sounding in my ear whole night. After that I felt so sorry for all the wrong doing that I did in the past. Then I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior and Lord of my life and the peace of God rest upon me from inside out which changed my whole life for all.

As I decided to follow Jesus I had been gone through many persecutions, especially from my family. My family kicked me out from home for manytimes. I had meal twice for 7 days because many times I was given off food from my family. Many time my brother had beaten me badly among the villagers.

In those times some of the Christian mothers secretly invited me at their home and gave me food. The more I had been through persecution I was drew more to God, went to solitary places for prayers and fasting even I shared about Christ with my friends. As I firmly stand in the faith to Jesus, I become free from the persecution even though my family did not help me for my study.

Like wise the Lord prepared me to grow in His grace, so may preach the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and to teach the unchanging word of God to prepare the mature armies of God to send in His harvest field expecting in the mighty and miraculous power of the Holy Spirit. Life is amazingly exciting because of precious Lord Jesus Christ.

Now I am serving the Lord being as an overseer in the Jesus Saves Network (JSN) Ministry Nepal. Souls are adding in His kingdom day by day through the efforts of JSN ministry in the surrounding villages of Nepal. Please pray for us and you can help us being as our missionaries backers to reach those 98% unreached people of Nepal. Amen

I have a beautiful wife (her name is Namuna Lama) and a son (his name is Agape Lama). We serve God all together wonderfully and lovely.


18 Nov. 2012 – Endra walked one full day from his home in Ree to the village of Dhading where he rode the local bus for 6 hours to arrive in Pokhara, Nepal, to attend missionaries classes held by Jesus Saves Network.

Out door program in Chimchok

20 Dec. 2012 – Endra is telling the people about Jesus. “Who is Jesus” JSN brochures in the Nepali language were later provided for each person attending.



We had Revival program on the day of Pentecost in Tawal Bensi, Ree, Village. In that program around 400 people were participated. We greatly experienced the presence of God in that meeting. Among them 65 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongue.


As they completed the discipleship training from the booklet of “Welcome to the family of God” written by Dr. James E. Cossey in Ree Tawal Dhading. Also they received a personal copy of the Holy Bible in the Nepali language as a gift from the founder of Jesus Saves Network.

Baptizing by Endra

Missionary Endra and another leader baptizing one of the 13 new converts in Tawal during the month of June 2013. This kalshyong river is very cold as it flows from the high himalayan mountain.



Hindu man

Live Bible Study

The JSN leaders are equiping twice a week through the Live Bible Study with Rev. Teri Winters and some other wonderful preachers in the JSN Ministry Center.


This is our rented old church building where we had Church service from 1999 until our new church was completed in February 2013.

Praying for the Church

This is our new church building land where we were having prayer to lay the foundation of the Church building.


When we came in this part of construction, our funds were used off. So we had to stopped the construction project but thank God Rev. Dan the founder of JSN opened His heart and fist to make contribution to complete the construction project.

These books were distributed to the 230 Youth leaders from the Himalaya mountain region who walk many hour from the various villages to attend the Dhading Youth leaders Conference in Oct. 2012.The students will study and treasure these lessons as written by Dr. Larry G. Hess and Dr. F.J. May


Youth leaders in dhading youth conference are reading broucher named Who is Jesus.


This is the video clips of Pastor Craig Mosgrove in Cleveland Tennessee, introducing about Jesus Save Network Ministry in Youth Leaders Conference in Dhading, Nepal in Oct. 2012. Our first time to have technology in our Nepal worship services.



People are watching Jesus Film shown by JSN ministry computer  indifferent villages of Nepal.  Shown by JSN missionary Endra in the Village of Ree Tawala and Duseni in 23, 24 th November 2012. Several villagers were saved and began a JSN Bible study“Welcome to the family of God”.


2012-09-06 12.09.24

In 21th Dec. 2012 JSN leader Endra is doing open air evangelism program on christmas occasion in Chimchok, a previously unreached, village.


16 June 2013 – Endra is enrolling 13 new converts into descipleship training in Ree, Tawal, Dhading. They are studying the booklet of various materials including “welcome to the family of God” written by Dr. James E. Cossey and translated into the Nepali language by Lako Lama director of Jesus Saves Network Ministry Center in Pokhara, Nepal.

Receiving Jesus

Husband and wife are receiving Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior during the Live Bible Study with Rev. Teri Winters in Baluwapari Kathmandu in 2nd March 2013.

Missionary Tabita Tamang personally sharing the gosple of Jesus Christ with a hindu woman in Chhorepatan, Pokhara. This precious lady really taking attention to hear about Jesus from Tabita.


During service time

The believers are worshiping in the one of our believer’s tiny house with Tabita in Chhorepatan.


This is the Motor Bike Lako Lama the director of JSN received from Rev. Marvin and Joella Johnson in 18th July 2013.The Motor Bike will use to spread the gospel of Jesus.


 The Revival Conference held among 300 people in Ree, Tawal in Oct. 8-10, 2013. Below pictures are taken from Ree, Conference.

Lifting hand to praise God

These are the people who committed to be witness for Christ lifting their hand up in Oct. 8-10, 2013 Conference in ReeTawal Dhading.


These young people are crying to Jesus to use them to become effective witness for Christ.

DSCN2019 - CopyDSCN2025 - Copy

The Holy Spirit moving inside out in the life and lives of people in Ree, Dhading.  They got filled with the Holy Spirit upon them.


DSCN2012DSCN2087 - Copy

Lako Lama is Challenging 300 youths in Ree Conference that  good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior is all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Because God desires all men to be saved how important and needed the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to be preached in Nepal.

DSCN2128 - Copy

250 people are receiving Jesus Saves Network training manual in Nepali language by Dr. James Cossey, Dr. Larry Hess and Teri Winters in Ree, Tawal Conference.


JSN Conference - 1


JSN Conference - 2


JSN Conference - 3

JSN Conference - 4

JSN Conference - 5


JSN Conference - 6


JSN Conference - 7

JSN Conference - 8 - Copy

JSN Conference - 9

JSN Conference - 10

JSN Conference - 11

JSN Conference - 12

JSN Conference - 13

JSN Conference - 14

By ourselves, we can do some good…but together, we’ll truly make a difference! Please pray for us as we are here in the calling of God. Thank you

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